Statement of the editorial boards of Glottometrics and Studies in Quantitative Linguistics


Studies in Quantitative Linguistics

This is a series containing monographs, omnibus volumes called Issues in QL, and a special series called Problems in QL.

The monograph series contains volumes concerning special problems or text-books of statistics, text analysis or a programming language.

The Issues contain proceedings of conferences or volumes for special occasions (e.g. the anniversary of a quantitative linguist). The contributors obtain an invitation, information about the dead line and the admissible size of the contribution.

The Problems series is an invention of the publishing house. Each volume contains about 100-150 scientific problems for solution and publication. The individual problems contain a hypothesis or a raw problem, instructions (and sometimes data) for the solution and the most important references. Up to now ca 400 problems have been presented. They concern writing systems, phonology, grammar, semantics, lexicology (with a special chapter on compounds), textology, typology and universals, linguistic synergetics (with special chapters on length and frequency), philosophy of science, pragmatics, and different issues concerning distributions. Some extensive research projects were proposed, too. The solutions and descriptions of individual problems can be published by anybody and in any journal. Journals that welcome the descriptions of these problems are Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, Glottotheory and Glottometrics.



Glottometrics is an international journal for Quantitative linguistics appearing twice a year. Up to now 25 issues appeared. It contains articles in which there is a clear hypothesis (or at least a clearly defined problem) and its testing by some quantitative means. Besides, it accepts descriptions of new projects, book reviews and short articles concerning the history of Quantitative linguistics which is more than 150 years old. The Editorial board, when asked for help, can propose statisticians, programmers or specialists for languages procuring data.


You are invited to send your articles for publication in Glottometrics or Studies in Quantitative Linguistics to the editors e. g. Professor Altmann:

Editorial Bord of “ Studies in Quantitative Linguistics „

Editorial Board of Glottometrics

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