Possibilities of Increasing the Competitiveness in Enterprises

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Possibilities of Increasingthe Competitiveness in Enterprises
Zuzana Chodasova;  Zora Petrakova
ISBN 978-3-96595-029-0
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In the current global environment, it is increasingly difficult to ensure long-term success company. The globalization of the world economy is causing significant changes in the conditions. Business not only in Slovakia but also abroad. Globalization is still a significant trade liberalization, integration of subjects into larger units with significant international environment, internal culture or agreement establishing strong economic areas. Today time enterprise can not trust their momentary performance, but must seek and find cause permanent increase. Performance measurement – the process of supporting the development of the company,using an evaluation of the performance indicators systematically trying recast to change in order to maintain long-term competitiveness.

The attractiveness of the compani come from factors, mainly from the growth potential of the sector, industry prospects, stability and variability of com-petitive forces, uncertainty or risk of future development of the sector. The given data are strong explanatory power of earnings and profitability, which when considering entering into a business has an important role. When assessing the attractiveness of the environment are routines and methods, however, the emphasis on the use of modern approaches to the management of the company across all management structures as a condition for a well-functioning companies and asset that gives the assumptions for the future of continuous ongoing development and improvement of all management and executive activities of the company.

An important factor in enhancing business competitiveness is to ensure the improvement of current production, increasing utility value, functionality and simplifying manageability while reducing production costs, functionality and simplification of controllability in the process of the current decreasing of production costs. Therefore, in the process of transition to production with higher added value and higher share of sophisticated work, weight of
investment in research and development as another of the main actors grow as another of the main factors.

Competitiveness belongs in a constantly changing market environment between the pillar requirements at the present time and therefore is regarded as one of the fundamental characteristics of the company. An essential feature of the market economy is the freedom of customer to decide not only about what product to buy, but mainly from whom. This reality leads to a potential supplier´s competition for a customer. It can be said that the supplier chosen by the customer has higher competitive ability than other com-petitor participants. Every business should strive to create such competitive advantages that enhance the competitiveness of offered products. [2] Marinom says that the basis for the definition of competitiveness is a high quality item, real interest rate understood as the price of money, and marginal costs. The basis, however remain that insufficiently quality goods reduces overall quality of company and thus the competitiveness of company.

If companies want to take hold in the market in a dynamic economy, their behavior must be disciplined in providing quality, whether for products or services. First at a competitive competition is that who can properly communicate and present his/her products. [6] It was found that this activity will be facilitated the enterprises by high-quality project management and involvement in dual education, which is described in the given publication.

In today’s dynamic business world companies has a very difficult position. Market calls for maximum performance, optimal adaptation, as well as prospective prospects. Companies’ perfor-mance is becoming a very hot topic today.
If companies want to achieve top position and maintain a competitive advantage, they need to set such control system that can ensure controlled use of their resources towards achieving the vision.