Natural Language Processing, Corpus Linguistics, Lexicography

Natural Language Processing,Corpus Linguistics, Lexicography

Eighth International Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia, 21–22 October 2015 Proceedings

ISBN 978-3-942303-32-3


Slovko 2015 – this year’s edition entitled NLP, Corpus Linguistics, Lexicography

– represents a follow up of previous autumn meetings in Bratislava. Organisers, both

from the Slovak National Corpus of the Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics, Slovak Academy

of Sciences, and from the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, are

honoured to welcome participants from five countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France,

Slovakia and Slovenia.

Two conference days offer 18 presentations, including two plenary talks. Not all papers

registered for presentation were also published – current programme comprises also

two presentations that cannot be found in the proceedings. Members of the programme

committee carefully reviewed every paper sent with the registration (two reviewers for

each text) and thus contributed to the overall quality of the scientific event and of this

publication, for which we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

The 8th edition of the biannual conference Slovko 2015 experiences the increase

of papers dealing with corpus linguistics including lexicography. On the other hand,

computationally oriented papers are in a minority. There is a significant shift from

presenting new written corpora and their analyses to the issues concerning the building

and research of spoken, even dialect corpora. We believe that this focus of papers will

also become a source of inspiration both for conference participants and readers of

the proceedings in their further work in the area of NLP, corpus linguistics and related

research in Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

We wish all the participants of Slovko 2015 an enjoyable stay in the Slovak Centre

of Scientific and Technical Information and in Bratislava in particular to those who came

from abroad. We would also like to invite you to Slovko 2017 that will be focusing,

besides NLP and corpus linguistics, on computational terminology and terminography.

Mária Šimková

Translated by Jana Levická