Intelligent Logistics in Business Practice

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Intelligent Logistics in Business Practice
Milan Majerník, Marcela Malindžáková
ISBN: 978-3-96595-025-2
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The priority of every production company is continuous improvement, innovation and moving forward to a higher level in terms of technology, environment, information and logistics, with the aim of meeting customer and market requirements. The company’s vision is to direct the company not only to development, but above all to be successful on the market. The intention of companies is to take advantage of opportunities related to the fulfillment of the vision, while the company must consider which changes it is able to implement, or prepare for the implementation of anticipated changes. Within the framework of business coopera-tion, each business must define its own mission, thereby creating an opportunity for other businesses to participate in the fulfillment of the vision with their own mission. The direction towards the fulfillment of the vision stimulates a lot of interactions between companies as well as social partnerships. Information about the state of the market, sales quantities, terms of delivery, terms of payment, prices, customs, insurance, etc. are important when making decisions. Market-related results are linked by information about the product itself. The implementation of a logistics strategy requires the creation of a specific plan of activities and measures that would move the company towards the desired results. Manage-ment must implement a proactive approach in a fast-changing business environment, anticipate changes, pre-pare the business to react to any changes, absorb changes, and use relevant changes.