Diagnostics of Automated Technological Drives

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Diagnostics of Automated
Technological Drives
Yury NIKITIN, Tibor Krenický, Pavol BOŽEK
ISBN: 978-3-96595-014-6
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Monitoring and Analysis of Manufacturing Processes in Automotive

E-ISSN 2629-3161

The monograph deals with the topic of the diagnostics of technological drives. It focuses on the dependence of diagnostic parameters on technical state of technological drives, which is of crucial significance for industrial plants. The main aim is to contribute to knowledge within the topic of diag-nostics of mechatronic systems by the analysis of the elements reliability characteristics; using methods, models, and algorithms for diagnostics and by studying examples of model diagnostic systems using AI methods based on neural networks and fuzzy inference systems. The diagnostic models of au-tomated technological systems drives have been also developed.

KEYWORDS: Technical diagnostics, engine reliability, vibration analy-sis, diagnostic model, fuzzy inference system.